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If you’re tired of dull, yellow teeth and over-the-counter whiteners that don’t really work, professional teeth whitening restores the gleam and confidence to your smile. A 1-2 hour teeth-whitening treatment at Kid's Corner Dental or Cottage Dental in Fullerton, California, can lighten your smile by up to eight shades. To set up a teeth-whitening treatment or get a custom-designed take-home whitening kit, contact the team online or by phone today.


Teeth Whitening - Whiter, brighter please!

If you are tired of dull, yellow teeth, professional teeth whitening will whiten and brighten them.


Why do I need teeth whitening?

Dull yellow teeth make you look older and feel self-conscious about your smile. Teeth become discolored and dull from both aging and staining. Substances and foods that stain your teeth include:

  • Tobacco
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Colas
  • Red wine
  • Berries

Even if you avoid tooth-staining substances, your enamel wears down over time, especially if you brush your teeth too vigorously.

Young, healthy enamel hides the natural but yellowish color of the inner portion of your teeth, which is known as dentin. As the bright, white enamel erodes, the yellow dentin shows through.

Why don’t over-the-counter teeth whiteners work?

The over-the-counter teeth-whitening kits that you buy at the pharmacy don’t have professional-strength ingredients, so can only lighten your teeth a few shades at a time.

You have to use them multiple times to see a noticeable difference. The over-the-counter whiteners may also make your teeth sensitive or irritate your gums.

How is Zoom! whitening so effective?

Zoom! whitening is a professional-strength whitener that uses peroxide molecules to break up stains both on the surface of your enamel and in the darkish inner dentin.

Zoom! whitens your teeth from the inside out, creating dramatically whiter teeth in just 1-2 hours. A Zoom!-whitened smile lasts for a year or more.

Do I have to get Zoom! teeth whitening at the dentist’s office?

You choose from different programs that accommodate how much whitening you need, how much time you can spare for teeth whitening, and your budget. Choices at Cottage Dental include:

Zoom! White Speed

This dramatic 45-minute in-office treatment makes your teeth up to eight shades lighter, removes stains, and whitens your dentin. Your dentist applies a post-treatment gel to protect your results and prevent tooth sensitivity, and gives you a kit for touch-ups.

Zoom! Quick Pro

This combination of an in-office procedure with a take-home kit only keeps you in the dentist’s chair for half an hour. Your teeth are up to four shades lighter after just one treatment. Your take-home kit helps you reach your desired shade at your own convenience.

Zoom! take-home kit

Ask about DayWhite, which you wear for 30 minutes once a day for two weeks, or NightWhite, which you can wear for 2-4 hours or overnight.

To make your teeth white and bright from the inside out, call Cottage Dental and Kid's Corner Dental for Zoom! teeth whitening today or book an appointment with the online form.

What to expect (1-2 hours)

While you comfortably lie back and watch a movie, we will gently apply hydrogen peroxide gel carefully and evenly on your teeth. We’ll reapply this gel in multiple intervals throughout your treatment. For some patients, some brief, temporary sensitivity may occur.