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What is laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry replaces noisy, painful, scary drills with vibration-free, nearly soundless laser-light treatments. The Solea laser is the first CO2 laser cleared by the FDA to treat both teeth and gums. 

Cottage Dental recommends lasers for:

  • Cavity treatment, to cut away and clean damaged tooth areas
  • Gingivectomy, to remove excess or infected gums
  • Frenectomy, to removes excess connective tissue in children
  • Aphthous ulcers, to remove painful canker sores
  • Fibromas, to remove large bumps caused by trauma or irritation
  • Crown lengthening, to fix a gummy smile

You can choose laser dentistry both for functional dental issues and to improve the aesthetics of your teeth and gums. Your dentist can also use the Solea laser to remove old metal fillings without altering or damaging your existing tooth structure. 

What are some of the advantages of laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is faster and more precise than traditional dental drills. With most procedures — including cavity preparation — you don’t need any anesthesia at all. If you’re having gum surgery, you might not need any stitches either, since the laser seals your tissue for healthy healing. Other advantages include:

  • No need to wait for your mouth to become numb
  • No need to wait for numbing to wear off
  • Takes much less time
  • Creates less soft-tissue trauma
  • Causes no or minimal bleeding
  • No follow-up appointments needed

You or your child can return to normal activities directly after your laser dentistry procedure. You can even eat normally because your mouth won’t be numb.

What if someone is afraid of the dentist?

Children and adults who have dental anxiety respond well to laser dentistry. Not only are the Solea drills pain-free and fast, but they also make little noise and don’t vibrate.  

If your child is afraid of the dentist, the Cottage Dental staff and dentists also take extra care and time to make them feel comfortable. Feel free to bring your child in for a get-acquainted appointment so that Cottage Dental visits become part of their normal, familiar routine. 

Is there any time when I couldn’t use laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry is safe for all ages and most conditions. Laser dentistry is a great choice if you’re pregnant because you don’t need anesthesia or medications. 

To put your dental fears and painful procedures behind you, contact the friendly Cottage Dental and Kid's Corner Dental staff for laser dentistry. Call today or use the online scheduler. 

What to expect (30-60 minutes)

If you are not keen on needles or being numb, laser dentistry is for you! Fillings can be done comfortably without the “fat lip” so you can get back to your busy day.

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